Hi, I'm Aniket Katkar. I am an Engineer, Developer, Tinkerer, and Student. I mainly work with Embedded Systems Development and Android Application Development.

Aniket Katkar


A individual responsible for the design and creation of all man-made objects in the known universe


A hard-working person devoted to transforming dreams into tangible products


A person skilled with the use of electronics who uses his talents to gain knowledge for the enjoyment of exploration by tinkering


A sleep deprived person who is constantly learning and reading new technologies

About Me

Aniket Katkar

I am passionate about Embedded systems, Open source platforms and Internet of Things. I feel this is an ideal combination of technology and human necessity leading to most perfect application oriented field. I love to binge Anime and sitcoms, also an amateur photographer. I love to create things from scratch, may it be code or hardware.


I love to build things. I usually use microcontrollers like Arduino, Raspberry pi for my projects. I have also worked on ARM controllers.


I am an Android developer. I am currently creating an application which will be available on the Google Play store, and hope to add more soon.


I develop web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I am available for freelance, check my Portfolio if you are interested.

My Skills

I have knowledge about the following programming languages and platforms, including:

Programming Languages

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • C
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • Android


  • Electronics
  • Linux
  • Embedded Linux
  • Embedded Systems
  • PCB designing
  • AutoCAD


  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • ARM controllers
  • Internet of Things
  • Robotics
  • Adobe Photoshop



Home Automation.

Designed and implemented a basic home automation system using ESP8266 Wifi and GSM modules and various other circuits. Any household appliance can be controlled using the Android app developed.



Developed Android app for showing battery stats and alarms for battery percentages alert. Planning on adding Theft alarm and other useful features. (Live on Google Playstore )


Smart Parking

Designed and implemented a scenario to tackle parking problems in urban cities. Used sensors to detect cars in a parking lot and display it on an Android app. The project can be scaled by implementing various ideas and algorithms for parking in any space.


Segregating Objects based on Color and Shape using Image Processing Toolbox of MATLAB and a Robotic Arm.

The project aimed at making a robotic arm to segregate objects based on color and shape. We used a webcam to identify the color and shape of an object. The algorithm used was based on MATLAB's image acquisition and image processing toolbox. The objects were segregated using a robotic arm connected to the parallel port of a computer.

Linux Logo

Implementation of linux USB device driver and firmware for reading data from GPIO port.

The main objective of this project, was to implement Linux USB device driver of mass storage on host machine with bulk endpoint. We had used ARM board LPC2148 as a USB device. A USB firmware was used as a component for interfacing peripheral with ARM controller. Data read from the GPIO port was shown on the host machine terminal. Also, a test application was written for testing.


IOT sensor node

Built an IOT sensor node by connecting sensors like Ultrasonic sensor and PIR motion sesnor with esp8266-12E and sent the data to an IOT platform (Thingspeak) for further analysing. The applications for this project are endless and can be used where you have to send your readings to the cloud for further data analysing.


Control appliance remotely using HTTP via webserver and Android app

I built a http server on a Nodemcu development board to control a relay. The relay was used to control any AC load connected to it. On the client side i developed an Android application as well as a webpage to send value to a JSON file that was on a web hosting server. When you changed the URLa PHP file would write the appropriate changes in the JSON file. I used Nodemcu as a hardware.

Textbook Trader

Ushva Clean Technology - Website Development

with Sayli Ghanekar

We came up with ideas after ideas to realize to design and develop the website. The main objective was to create a website that would suit the startups vision and mission i,e - "Dream - Energy Neutral".


Eventswale - Website Development

Eventswale is a Mumbai based startup which manages Corporate events, product launches, various NGO events, celebrity management and lots of cool stuff.

Work Experience

Company: Ushva Clean Technology (Senior Product Engineer)

Textbook Trader

Intelligent Energy Management Systems:

We developed a Intelligent energy management system to harness solar energy which could be used to save on your electricity. Also, you can monitor all the stats of your energy management through your phone using an Android app which we developed.

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Battery Management System

Designed and developed a system to monitor the physical values of current, voltages of battery and send them to an Android app using IoT.

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Smart Pole

#SmartPole, a project at @iitbombay that can monitor weather and human activities around, provide useful information (date, time, temperature, air quality) and charging point. A network of these for #smartcity @spj0905.

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IoT Monitoring device

Designed Android application and web platform to show physical quantities like current, voltage and power of electrical devices and equipment from home appliances to industrial applications.

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Android app and Web applications

Developed Android application and web platform #startup which works on Renewable energy for developing smart cities.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me if you want to get in touch, or just say Hello; email works best.